Sunset Memorial Gardens of Bismarck
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  • Wreaths Are Permitted October 15 To March 15.
  • April 15 - on Or About This Date, Depending Upon The Growing Season, The Caretaker Will Remove All Winter Decorations On The Grave.
  • May 28 To June 6 --no Restrictions. after June 6 All Decorations Other Than Those In Vases Will Be Removed.
  • Any Arrangement You Wish To Keep Must Be Removed By June 6th
  • June 6 To October 1 - only Arrangements In Vases May Be Used During This Period, As This Time Is The Heaviest Mowing And Trimming Season.
  • All Vases Are To Be Turned Down For The Winter By October 15.
  • Mausoleum

    This beautiful and inspiring Chapel of the Chimes is available for memorial services and private meditation. Its natural lighting and patterned granite floor create a sacred and reflective atmosphere for year-round visitation by family and friends. 

    Note: The chapel is locked at all times. Family members with spaces purchased in the chapel are given a key so that they may visit at any time. Others that wish to visit must call ahead to the cemetery office to request that it be opened for them.

    Chapel of the Chimes

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