Sunset Memorial Gardens of Bismarck
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  • Wreaths Are Permitted October 15 To March 15.
  • April 15 - on Or About This Date, Depending Upon The Growing Season, The Caretaker Will Remove All Winter Decorations On The Grave.
  • May 28 To June 6 --no Restrictions. after June 6 All Decorations Other Than Those In Vases Will Be Removed.
  • Any Arrangement You Wish To Keep Must Be Removed By June 6th
  • June 6 To October 1 - only Arrangements In Vases May Be Used During This Period, As This Time Is The Heaviest Mowing And Trimming Season.
  • All Vases Are To Be Turned Down For The Winter By October 15.
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    This search will return a list of names and links to a specific section map pinpointing the location of the burial.  Use this section map in conjunction with the Section/Garden map above to get complete navigation information to the grave site. 

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    Enter a full or partial name for your search.  You many use the % symbol as a wildcard character.  For example, you are searching for Mary Johnson, but her name is entered in the system as Mary Sax Johnson,  you can enter %Johnson% for a last name and Mary for a first name.  All names with Mary for a first name and Johnson appearing anywhere in the last name will be returned. 
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